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This web site offers news and updates from the Friends of Bolingbroke Castle and should be of special interest to anyone wishing to know about forthcoming events, village projects, local history and articles and pictures of Bolingbroke Castle. We also link to other sites featuring Old Bolingbroke village and our Castle especially that of the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire, which manages the site locally on behalf of English Heritage.

For those interested in the history of the castle, its role during the English Civil War and especially the siege of Bolingbroke Castle in 1643, the relevant sections of this web site contain many pages of detailed information and wonderful photographs of its re-enactment.

This site also hosts some links to some remarkable Education Packs and detailed scientific research about the castle and its site and are well worth a look.

We also now have a FACEBOOK site which includes more details about events and hosts many photos about the castle including recent re-enactments, concerts, plays & community events held there. The site also contains a great archive of photos including historical and archaeological records - visit:

NEXT EVENT - SUNDAY 8th April 2018- Dragon Egg Hunt and Henry lVth Exhibition also various fun activities, crafts, dog show, games, refreshments across the village- 11.30am - 4.30pm SEE OUR FACEBOOK SITE FOR DETAILS.  LINK ABOVE

Visitor information

To visit the castle, follow the brown signs (where several parking spaces can be found in at the end/corner of Moat Lane). Just inside the gate there is also a footpath (on the left) that leads off from the castle into the rout yard. Admission to both is unrestricted and free. Sheep often graze the rout yard during the summer, so please ensure any dogs are on a lead.

If visiting during the winter wellies are recommended as parts of the rout yard can be very soggy. The ditch around the earthwork is so wide and deep that the only way into the interior or onto the bank is via the opening . Even so, it is very wet except in the driest of weather so don't try to do this unless you can leap quite a few feet and in case you miss, have wellies on and don't mind getting muddy!

Debra Carr, a very recent visitor with her family to the castle provided this description about her visit - with Debra's permission:

"Bolingbroke Castle is now simply the ruins of a 13th century building. The birthplace of Henry IV, it is nestled amongst a small picturesque village in Lincolnshire. There is certainly more to explore than I had expected and the remains offer a fascinating glimpse into the county's medieval history. The neighbour of a few grazing sheep, there's a quaint charm about the property which feels so happily at rest.

When imagining what such a place would have been, it often pains me to see a castle in ruins but it equally gives me a sense of relief that the chaos of mass tourism has been somewhat avoided. I almost feel the property, the village and its visitors benefit from this peace. 

Ruins are perfect for curious children. I love how William uses his imagination within them and how he takes note of parts that I would normally have missed. There's also a sense of freedom in ruins; no locked doors, no priceless antiques that mustn't be handled. It all leads to a more relaxed affair. 

If you ever find yourself in Lincolnshire I would certainly recommend a little visit to Bolingbroke Castle, it would be a perfect picnic spot and has the added bonus of being free. 

I expect we will be making all year round visits; I'm intrigued to experience its atmosphere over the changing seasons. 

For occasional events at Bolingbroke Castle please visit ourFacebook pages"