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Feedback received from visitors to our events.

Bonfire & Fireworks 2014

We had a brilliant evening, thank you!


Just to say myself and my family always come to the display each year we live at laceby and its by far the best display please keep it up

couple of comments are theres only one gate for everyone to get out of at the end of the display it gets very congested could something be done ?, also standing around for quite a while between things happening understand fire has to burn down before main display but could be lit whilst kids fireworks let off ?

Otherwise still best display by far and will continue to attend for years to come


The Lions were friendly and helpful although the delay between lighting the bonfire and the fireworks was too long and to be honest I lost a bit of interest at one point. 

Could possibly benefit from a little bit more to do whilst waiting for the event to start especially considering the length delay but overall really enjoyed it - display was excellent


Fantastic Bonfire and fireworks display, my young children thoroughly enjoyed it, well organised!

Wish the car parking at the school could of been signposted more clearly as I hadn't been before.


just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Caistor Bonfire tonight.  As always, it was a superbly organised event but I thought that you surpassed yourselves with the firework display this time - in my opinion, it was the best one yet.  

I got the impression that there were more people
attending this year; this might have been helped by the mild weather but it is still a tribute to the Lions and the magnificent event that you put on for the Caistor community year on year.  It makes me proud to live in Caistor and to be a part of this community.

Thank you all very much for tonight - it was a magnificent affair.

With regards to all, Rick M


Bonfire & Fireworks 2013

we attended and each year it just supersedes the year before , it was absolutely brilliant


M. Dickinson


Yes, it was another brilliant display and even the grotty weather couldn't spoil it. Thank you to all involved x



Amazing display ... thankyou to the Lions gor taking the time and trouble to organise it for us xx

W. Hill


Bonfire and Fireworks 2012


Hi.  Just wanted to say what a great night my daughter and I had at the bonfire tonight. 

It was the first bonfire night that we've been to and not been subjected to really annoying pop music all night and we both thought it was nice to hear a good mix of sounds!

Such a shame the fuse took so long to get to the torch, although it did give us a giggle!!
Thanks again, well done and can't wait till next year!!

S Gunn