Events - 2020

Due to the Coronovirus Pandemic most of the Lions events for this season have been cancelled or postponed: - The Beer Festival has been one of the many ways that Caistor Lions raise their much needed funds to support those in need around the district and without it there is a big financial hole in our budget, please donate generously to support the Lions in support of the Lockdown Beer Festival as they try and raise some of their much needed funds. Please watch our Facebook pages for more up to date and live information on the day. Links are provided through the logos on the website home page

Events for your Diary's for 2020/21 still active:

Saturday 13th June:  Lock Down Beer Festival between 16:00 and 22:00

You Tube Link:


or join in on zoom to chat:-


4:00pm The Caistor Lions Lockdown Beer Festival Facebook page will go live.  Rob will give a brief introduction then KS Music will perform live on that FB page.

4:00pm  The Zoom Chat Lounge will open - link also on the Facebook page and Caistor Lions website. 

5:00pm  YouTube video available to watch.  (You can see the playlist in advance, it’s available to view now, but it won’t play until 5pm Saturday.)

  • 16:00 Live Stream Steve and Kathy
  • 17:00 O claires lockdown recording premiere (DUR 3:37)
  • 17 05 Cam Cole Delta Blues You tube film.  (DUR 4:33)
  • 17:10 Eden Rae Lake Black Hole You tube film (DUR 3:47
  • 17:15 Emma Waterman Pt 1 premiere           (DUR 8:32) 
  • 17:25 KS Music Rip me open you tube film. (DUR 3:56)
  • 17:30 Grace Cooper Hall premiere (DUR 24:00). 
  • 18:00 Mel and Donna premiere(DUR 34:31)
  • 18:45 Emma pt 2.   premiere    (DUR 15:17)
  • 19:15 3rd church pt 1 premiere(DUR 28:50)
  • 20:00 O Claires pt 2 barn recording premiere(DUR 27:28)
  • 20:30 3rd and Church pt 2. premiere (DUR 26:58)
  • 21:00 Project Emily Pt1premiere (DUR 22:50)
  • 21:24 2 Peace Keepers You Tube film made in caistor during lockdown (DUR 4:10)
  • 21:30 Project Emily Pt2. premiere(DUR 18:37)
  • 21:50 Lions Bonfire you tube film.