Mushy Pea Trials

Mushy Peas!

Growing garden peas, or more so harvesting them can be quite time consuming in relation to their yield, because the pods need to be picked when big enough but not too big to be starchy.

MPIG are trialing a drying pea this year. The advantages are that they can all be harvested at once and the time of harvest is not so crucial.

They will hopefully supply a good source of easily storable protein for use throughout the year.

Click on the picutres to read about the peas progress.


A great crop of tastey peas was harvested in August and are dry and stored in the pantry for the winter. We will definitely grow them again but not under the sweetcorn. Too much competition for light meant the sweet corn didn't crop. Any ideas of what else we could undersow with these mushy peas? They grow to about 50cm high.

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