Many vegetarian and vegans eat alot of beans. Many of which have been grown outside of the UK and as far a field as South America. The tracability of these food stuffs is hard. It is hard to discover who grew them, or how they were grown, whether child labour was used in their production or if illegal chemicals have been used. the best we can do is buy organic and hope that the suppliers organic status was not just a case of paying off the local rep. Even then there are the transport, packaging and marketing implications to the local population and the environment .




In this country, if you pop down to your local farmers market you are unlikely to see locally grown dried beans for sale.So why is this? Is it just because it is cheaper to import beans than grow them here, or is it to do with the consumer relying more on meat or highly processed meat substitutes to get their protein?

Here at Harpsbridge House a few MPIG members have got together to run some bean trials. They have grown several different varieties and have cooked them up to see what a range of delicious, tracable and nutritious dishes could be created.

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