Lincolnshire Organic Gardeners come to vists and taste tomatoes.


MPIG is a loose network of families and individuals who share a common interest in Permaculture, and a desire to seek out and experiment with different ways of living more sustainably. We have been involved in projects ranging from devising and implementing new food growing techniques, to setting up and running a Transition Initiative for a local town.The hub for the group is Harpsbridge House, a Permaculture LAND centre and family home.

MPIG is based on the marshes of Lincolnshire, out near the coast, but people are involved from all over the UK and further afield. Different people get involved in different projects depending on their interests. Some people watch from afar and contribute by email, some just watch from afar!

Hopefully this website should keep all interested parties informed about the different permaculture projects running in this area, so they can come and join in or just watch the progress and be inspired.


Exchanging work for food is common in permaculture circles - Sarah delivers mulch and gets a great lunch at Kippax CSA


Please feel free to contact the group through this site if you have any questions or feedback or want to get involved.