There are over 30 different varieties of apples growing at Harpsbridge house. All chosen to be tolerant of the coastal conditions,clay soil and organic growing methods, and give an abundance of tasty and juicy fruit from July to November. They are mainly on a MM106 rootstock so should grow to around 4 metres

Apples are just starting to blossom 24th April

A breeding programme has been started so that the varieties can be propagated and used in the local community. Root stock for dwarfing and one for larger trees is being grown so that an ample supply of material is available for grafting in a couple of years time.



We were once told to plant pears for our heirs, but we have found these trees fruited from their second year.


There are over 30 apple trees, pears, damsons, plums, blackberries, black currants,red currants, raspberries,gooseberries, strawberries, cobnuts,and cherries growing at the house.Have a look in the month by month picture galleries to see how they are doing. More information about their cultivation and use will appear here shortly.