Volunteers at Harpsbridge House

We accept residential volunteers who would like to experience a more sustainable family lifestyle. This is through the helpx and WWOOF schemes. Below is some feedback from previous visitors. 


Stringing garlic was a new experience for a family from Taiwan

Mimi and Tessa

We are back in Paris now!  How are you? and how are vegetables that 
we have planted?
Thank you so much for the wonderful time we've spent at your place.  
What we experienced every day was very special and so beneficial to 
each of us.  A very good lesson to start thinking about how we should 
construct our lifestyle, how to eat, how to communicate, etc.
Now we are back into the busy city life, but I think a lot will be 
different in the way we do things and way we think.
You are a wonderful family, I'd like to thank the nature for letting 
us meet!!


... this is a great place to be if you want to learn the whys and how-tos behind what you're doing. They are all wonderful teachers, and will really take the time to talk to you about their work and all of the fine details. Sarah is a magician in the kitchen, and is happy to get you involved in her always successful and tasty food experiments! I will endeavor to copy her mustard, but it's hard to re-create perfection. Nick is the man if you want an intro to permaculture, and he is just as thoughtful about the big concepts as he is about the small stuff. Under his guidance, you're sure to get a grasp on anything from tackling big issues like Peak Oil to learning the proper way to use a spade or hand saw. And if there is anything specific you want to learn while you're there, just ask!


...they've got a lot of interesting books and there's a lot you can learn from nick about permaculture, and a lot of interesting discussions to be had about anything you like. the girls, jess and elsie, are lovely, i enjoyed their presence and playing games with the family. the warmth and love the family have for each other is clear and sustaining.
all in all, a very positive experience and one i would recommend heartily. and if there's something you're uncertain about or if you'd like to do something differently, just say so - nick and sarah are open and up for feedback!


I'd thoroughly recommend helpers to go go go and stay with the Vowles if you have a chance to. Permaculture is much much more than just the no-dig approach. Their family is much more than just 2 parents, 2 kids. Their smallholding is an area of mass-creativity, so be creative, get a patch on there and be whatever help you can, and you will sure be welcomed into their lovely family.