Southrey Village Memorial Hall

Village Memorial Hall 2013

Photo by James Adair


On Wednesday January 22nd, 1919, a meeting was held in the Southrey Schoolroom to discuss the possibilities of a War Memorial for the village.  At the meeting it was decided that the Memorial should “take the form” of a Hall that could be used by those living not only in the village but also in “outlying places”.  Rather than a mere Reading Room, it was agreed that the Hall be large enough to cater for any public function and should be used as a ‘Recreation Room’.

It was also agreed that the “Officers and Committee who had worked so efficiently for the Soldiers Comforts Fund should be re-elected” along with some additional members.  They were to be known as: ‘The Southrey War Memorial Committee’.

It was ultimately agreed, at a meeting on 9th November 1920 that the Southrey War Memorial should be known as “The Village Hall”.



At first Lady Alwyn Vyner was approached for permission to build the Memorial on a piece of land the Committee thought most suitable in the village.  Lady Vyner agreed on 27th May 1919 but by August 31st 1920, when the Committee were beginning to consider the nature of the structure of the Hall, a more suitable piece of land was offered by Mr Smithson; this was accepted by the Committee. 

At a meeting on 1st October 1920 it was agreed that the hut should be erected in Mr G Woodcock’s Yard adjoining Highthorpe.  Problems came when it was found there was not enough space for the erection of the Hut, so during a meeting on October 8th 1920 Committee members went to ask Mr Woodcock’s permission to remove “a pig-stye, fowl house etc.”; this Mr Woodcock agreed to.



Mr Smithson and H Turner, the Committee agreed, should  “attend a Sale of Huts at Clipstone Camp on Sept 9th”.  A hut was duly bought – by 1st October 1920 -, costing £60 with a further £22 being spent to dismantle it.

At a meeting on 26th October 1920 it was agreed that “a permanent partition 10ft should be put in the Hut at the North End, also a moveable partition 20ft in the South End.

Reminding us of how the world changes:  “It was found that there would not be enough asbestos lining for the Hut and it was left to the Chairman and Mr Crow to procure more asbestos or match-boarding which they thought best.” (Committee Meeting Minute Book)

The Village Hall, Southrey’s War Memorial, opened officially on 25th November 1920.


Southrey Village Hall Committee Minutes book 1919-1922

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Created: April 2013