Membership of The Knights of Skirbeck is open to all, regardless of age, gender, ability etc.

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Thinking of joining a medieval re-enactment society?

Want to know more? Read on!


Cost – unless you're good at sewing, can get fabric cheap & have an eye for a bargain, it can be expensive.

Of course we're here to help, we can advise you what to buy, where from & how much you should expect to pay.  We may be able to lend you some kit until you get your own.

For budding knights, an entry level sword, helmet, gambeson & gauntlets will cost from about £400 in total.

If you want a medieval tent, they start at approx £250 brand new.

Annual membership (April to March) costs £20 per member.

Transport – our shows can be almost anywhere in England, so access to a vehicle is a virtual necessity.

Time – nearly all shows are on a Saturday and/or Sunday, a typical 10-4 show takes approx. 8 hours to set up, & 3 hours to pack away.

Danger – for those wishing to take part in combat, there is an element of risk. (Yes you WILL get some bruises, though it is safer than football, rugby, ice hockey etc. etc.)

MOST importantly, you will need a sense of humour!

Still fancy joining? Excellent!

       Please speak to Dave (Sir Bryan) or Caroline (Alice Puddy) at one of our shows, by phone, 01205 368134 or email -


Rather than buy lots of equipment only to discover it's not the hobby for you, why not join us at an event as a 'day member'?

'Day membership' costs £5 per person, for that we will lend you basic items of clothing and you will be able join in all activities. 

Meal(s) will naturally be included.

All you need to do is tel or email us, at least 5 days before the event you'd like to attend so we can work out what you need.

Membership of The Knights of Skirbeck is open to all, regardless of age, gender, ability, orientation, race, colour or religion etc. However under 16's must be accompanied by a responsible adult.