Friends, Events, Suppliers etc.

FRIENDS - Our forum. log in & share some gossip.!/skirbeck - follow us on Twitter. - The Dogs of War, friendly, Nottingham based medieval re-enactment group. - The REAL Robin Hood! (And a very nice man too) - Events, Weddings, portraits & pets photographed with unique style! - Wedding, portrait & glamour photography. - Devilstick Peat, a real jester and the complete fool with over 15 years experience Peat is a real pro. (He's a nice guy too) - Early Medieval Alliance, an umbrella organisation for independent, medieval re-enactment groups. - superb event photography - an excellent resource & forum. - The Company of The Black Serpent, Dark Age & medieval re-enactment. - Evil Scarecrow - probably the best parody metal band in the world! - Soul Trapper event photography - Learn more about the history of our ancient hometown. - Cartoon drawings of medieval knights - as if proof were needed that we have a sense of humour... - Gerald ye Herald.

EVENTS & VENUES - Northcote Heavy Horse Centre - one of our favourite venues. - Guildhall Museum, South Street, Boston. This hall of The Guild of St.Mary dates from AD1390 - Magdalen College Museum, Wainfleet. - Probably Britains biggest village show, find us in the Heritage Area - The Midland History Festival, Stratford Upon Avon - The Windmill, Burgh Le Marsh, Lincolnshire. - Hertage Lincolnshire 

SUPPLIERS - TORM - All you need, in one venue! - High quality armour & weapons. - High quality weapons & armour, hand made in Lincolnshire. - High quality swords, made in Scotland. - High quality weapons, from Cambridgeshire. - Pottery from many periods. - Authentic-style hammered coins & special comissions. A very nice man too! - Cloak'd & Daggered, high quality, accurate clothing & arming jacks. - Fancy an accurate historical tent? This is the place. -  a range of quality medieval re enactment supplies. - reasonably priced helmets & weapons - weapons, leather goods, horn items, armour and all sorts of artefacts - Want medieval style specs? here's the place. - the widest range of historically accurate pewter replicas in the entire world! - Quality leather goods inc. boots & belts.