Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the things we regularly get asked - and a few unusual ones too!

Q - Are you going to eat that?

A - Yes, we don't have any fake or display food, all food is for members consumption and is based on authentic medieval recipes.

Q - How do you know who's going to win? (a fight/tournament)

A - We don't. Our combat is not choreographed or scripted.

Q - Is it dangerous?

A - Potentially, though we take all aspects of members health & safety very seriously, and those of us who fight spend many hours training to fight safely.

Q - Is it expensive?

A - Being a re-enactor can be expensive, though not necessarily. It depends on a number of factors, the main one being how much you want to spend.

Q - Is that a real fire?

A - Yes, that's why the sign says, "DANGER HOT SURFACES"

Q - Are the weapons real?

A - Yes, that's why the sign says, "CAUTION REAL WEAPONS, DO NOT TOUCH THE BLADES"

Q - Can I have a go?

A - Display combat can only undertaken by trained members. However if you'd like to join, we will happily train you.

Q - Is the armour heavy?

A - Try it for yourself. Typically a full harness (suit) of armour like Sir Bryans, weighs about 5 stones.

Q - Why do you charge to perform at events?

A - Being a small charity, The Knights of Skirbeck do not receive any external funding, and as we have to pay for insurance, EMA membership, food, fuel etc. we have to recoup our costs somehow.

Q - Do you get paid?

A - Sadly no. All money we earn goes toward the running costs of the group, anything left over is used to buy group equipment, such as the kitchen & armoury tents.

Q - Are The Knights of Skirbeck a registered charity?

A - Unfortunately we do not earn enough each year to become a registered charity, therefore we are known as 'A small charity'. (Charity Commission rules)