This website is being researched, developed, recorded and promoted by Bardney History Group and a dedicated group of Members. BHG's aims are:

 ' To research, develop, record and promote the history of Bardney, and surrounding area, for the benefit of all'.


Anyone with interests in local history are very welcome to attend our meetings, which are held on the third Monday of each month at 7:30pm in Bardney Methodist Hall.

Also you can now follow us on Facebook: Bardney History Group

Contributions have also been made by the following persons:

  • Tony Green (Local Historian)
  • Lynn Goforth (Bardney Heritage Centre)
  • Barry Newlove (Bardney Heritage Centre)
  • Mr & Mrs G K Benton (Local Historians)
  • Mr & Mrs Edgar Fairweather
  • Mr & Mrs Don Futer
  • George Massey
  • Mike & Jenny King
  • Barry Percival
  • Mary Ablewhite
  • John Turner
  • Kim Walker
  • Ben Clift
  • Christine Jackson
  • George Quincey
  • Laurence Townell
  • Jeffrey Woodcock
  • Miss E Smithson
  • Brian Daubney
  • Mr Kevin Hippey
  • Mrs Rita Hippey
  • Mr Ken Hutchinson
  • Mr & Mrs Gerry Todd
  • Mr & Mrs D Bramley
  • Mr Terry Lintin
  • Mr & Mrs D Creasey (Branston)
  • Mr Nick Foster

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information is factual and accurate, this cannot be guaranteed.