9 Squadron

BARDNEY - Home to 9 Squadron from 14th April 1943 until 6th July 1945.

IX Sqadron Badge

IX Sqadron Badge

  • 1943 Bardney airfield was opened on 14th April. The squadron Lancasters took off from Waddington on the 13th, bound for Spezia, in Italy and landed back in Bardney at 06-30hrs. the following morning.
  • Their code was Pundit Code BA. It was opened as No 53 Base Substation. Active service was from 14-04-1943 until 06-07-1945. IX Squadron played a full part in the strategic bombing offensive against Germany.
  • All IX Squadron Lancasters were prefixed with the letters WS.
  • Some of the squadron aircraft had names of alcoholic beverages, of that time. (i.e. Johnny Walker, Youngers, etc.)
  • ED838 was the first operational Bardney Lancaster reported missing on 30th April 1943.
  • In August 1943 the squadron was moved to Woodhall Spa, temporarily, while repairs were carried out on the airfield. They returned on 4th September.

Photo by Mr K Hippey

ED666 WS-G 'Goofy' in August 1943 (with 'A' Flight Ground Crew)

  • On 30th March 1944, 779 Lancasters took off from UK airfields for the raid on Nuremburg - 281 from Lincolnshire. It is recorded that 16 Lancasters, from IX Squadron, joined them, but only fifteen returned.
  • On 13th July 1944 The entire crew of LM221 WS-K was lost over France. Four of these crew members are shown below.
(Left-right) F/Sgt. Allen Douglas Tagget; F/Sgt. Malcolm Henry Payne; Sgt. Des Hallet (standing); F/Sgt. Donald George Wentworth Brown (Pilot)

Photo by Bob Wilton

(Left-right) F/Sgt. Allen Douglas Tagget; F/Sgt. Malcolm Henry Payne; F/Sgt. Donald George Wentworth Brown (Pilot), with Sgt. Des Hallet (standing);

  • During their operations at Bardney, IX Squadron lost 34 Lancasters in 1943, 42 in 1944 and 9 in 1945 - 85 in total.
  • In January 1945, George Thompson was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross.

Photo by Terry Lintin

Flying Officer J W Buckley (2nd from Right) and his crew with PD368 WS-A (Able). One of three planes which crashed on 1st Jan 1945.

  • In April 1945, there were nineteen Lancasters, belonging to IX Squadron, based at Bardney.
  • 1945 These were transferred to their new base at Waddington on 6th July.
  • 1945 By the end of the war, IX Squadron had lost 85 Lancasters, on operations from Bardney. (see attached list)
  • 1945 The airfield continued operations as a rocket base until 1963.
  • Between April 1946 and August 1951, IX Squadron shared resources with RAF Binbrook, flying Lancaster and Lincoln bombers.
  • 1958 Three ‘Thor’ Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles were delivered to Bardney.
  • 1963 The air base was closed down.
  • 1980 A memorial was erected, on the village green, in September, as a lasting tribute to those who served in the squadron. It was attended by over 250 people, from around the world.


Photo by Dave Miles 2009

IX Squadron Memorial

  • On 7th November 2009, IX Squadron presented their 44 year-old standard to St Lawrence's Church, to be proudly displayed over the side altar.