Bardney Railways

1981 Bardney Station

Photo by Lincolnshire Echo

1981 Bardney Station

  • 1848 Bardney railway was built by the Great Northern Railway, as an intermediate station on the Fens Loop line. It opened on 17th October. One of the significant achievements of this line was the timber bridges over the Horsley Deeps, with a single span of 100 feet and three smaller ones of 30 feet each.
  • 1848 A sketch of Bardney station was placed in the ‘Illustrated London News’ in November, showing the station, goods shed and ferry. The Italianate-design station house was created by Mr John Taylor, Parliament Street, London.
    1848 bardney station

    1848 Bardney Station

  • 1870 The station buildings were extended.
  • 1874 A branch line was opened between Bardney and South Willingham.
  • 1876 It was extended to Louth. This Bardney - Louth branch was opened on 28th June.
  • 1920 The Nocton Estates Light Railway was opened to enable easy transport links around their enormous estate.
  • 1927 Bardney Sugar Factory was built. It had its own internal rail network and was a major user of the railway system for the supply of beet, limestone, coal and coke, and export of sugar and sugar beet pulp.
  • 1927 The Nocton Estates built a Light Railway link line to feed their beet to the sugar beet factory.
  • 1928 A Hudswell Clarke Shunting engine, 0-6-0ST No. 1604 was purchased for shunting wagons around the sugar factory site. This is now being preserved at the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway.
  • 1951 The 'passenger service' to Louth was closed.
  • 1960 The 'Goods service' to Louth was closed on 1st February. However freight was still brought into and out of the sugar beet factory until the early 1980’s.
  • 1963 The line from Coningsby to Boston closed on 17th June, leaving Bardney on a long line from Bellwater Junction to Lincoln.
  • 1966 The last wagons of sugar beet were delivered to the sugar factory.
  • 1969 The Nocton Light railway was closed. This ran for 22.8 miles around the Nocton Farms Estate.
  • 1970 British Rail passenger service (through Lincoln) finished on October 5th.
  • 1980 All the freight lines were closed
  • 1981 The last passenger train to Bardney was a Class 114 DMU on 21st January.
  • 1982 The sugar factory owners (British Sugar plc) bought the British Rail Station and sidings, which amounted to 30 acres of land. 
  • 1983 All the railway tracks were removed.
  • 1993 All the station buildings, with exception to the Goods Shed, were demolished. All the building materials, including the bricks, timber, slates, etc. were removed piece by piece, numbered, palletised and taken to the Nene Valley railway, Peterborough, for preservation.