Bardney Schools

There were no formal schools in Bardney until 1711, when Thomas Kitching started a Free School.

However, the Abbey offered some teaching facilities in the 12th Century. A school was established for 6 boys, certain poor children called ‘The Children of the Almonry’, who were brought up in learning and maintained with alms of the house. Having:

......"a dyett and a lofte on the north side of the Abbey gates, which had a longe porch over the gates, having their meate from the novices table by the Clarke of the Convent owte aft a windowe , where the Clarke did looke to them to see they kept good order"......

The Methodists started their school in 1856.

The two schools merged together in 1964, but remained on their separate sites until fully amalgamating on Henry Lane, with the construction of a new school, in July 1983.