Bardney's Name (Toponymy)

There seems to be several different interpretations of how the name Bardney is derived. The “ey” or “ney” signifies an Island, but for the first syllable there are at least four explanations:

a)  Bard - a fish. (So Bardney could mean the fish island)

b)  Bar - a boar. (Boar island )

c)  Barda - a beaked ship. (The place where the Vikings’ ship was.)

d)  Bardus - A Bard. (Singer)

From Saxon origins it is believed to have been called:

1)   Bearddanig

2)   Bealthanig

The Venerable Bede (730's) refers to it as:

3)   Beardaneu

4)   Bearda’s Island (With the River Witham, Tupholme beck, and Tile House Beck which nearly completes the island)

5)   Beardenea (890 AD)

6)   Bardenege (1000 AD)

7)   Bardenai (1086 AD - Domesday)

The eminent scholar and traveller William Camden (1551-1623) mentions it in his writings as being called:

8)   Beardena

9)   Bardenay (1391 AD)

11)  Bardney (1535 AD)

12)  Bradney (1722 AD Robert Morden - Cartographer)