The Heritage and History of Cherry Willingham

The village lies some 2 miles east of Lincoln and today has a population of c4,000 people. However, reference to the 1907 ordinance survey map shows that it was then little more than a hamlet.

Most visitors to the village will simply see a community that has grown dramatically since World War 2 and be unaware that it has a much longer history.

The earliest documentary evidence is its presence in the Doomsday Book of AD1086. However, in the village and surrounding area there have been many finds from the Iron Age, through the Romans and Anglo-Saxons, and the medieval period to the 19th century.

There has been a manor house since at least  AD1306  although the present building is more modern.

It is believed that there has also been a church in the village for many centuries but the current one is a fine and rare example from AD1753.

In the last few years, much work has been undertaken to save and restore a medieval fish pond which was probably attached to the manor house.

The village is set in the context of the Witham Valley with its key monastic sites nearby and the growth in importance of Lincoln itself. We believe that both of these are significant for the history and heritage of Cherry Willingham.

This web-site contains much more detail about this heritage and we will add more as our research progresses.