The Pond

The Pond

The Pond

Gilbert’s Pond is early medieval and gravity fed from spring lines, which run from east to west through the village. It was named after 'Gilbert de Ghent' the landowner named in the Doomsday Records of 1086.

It is the only remaining one that was originally part of a group serving the Manor House and the residents of the village with food. When the stocks of fish were low it was most likely that the River Witham, being only a short distance away, over the fields, would have been used to replenish the ponds.

Excavation of the Pond

In the last few years, much work has been undertaken to save and restore a medieval fish pond which was probably attached to the manor house.

The Pond is surrounded by modern housing and was rescued because of it’s historical significance. During the excavation of the pond area a project was undertaken by Year 11 Pupils from Cherry Willingham Community School.

Artifacts have been found close by and the presence of the                  GREAT CRESTED NEWT, which is a nationally protected species.

The Great Crested Newt.

It is the largest of the 3 native British newts and the most endangered. In the spring the males have a large ragged crest on their back making them look like miniature dragons. They are dark brown or black with bright orange underbelly and can measure up to 15cms in length.