Like all places, the people who have lived there in the past and live there today have a large inpact on the village. In the case of Cherry Willingham these include:

  • The  Becke was first found in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire where they were granted lands by King William 1 after the Norman Conquest in 1066
  • Mrs Bowman moved to Cherry Willingham in 1923 when she was 3 years old and recalls some very interesting memories.
  • Gilbert de Ghent who was the landowner when Cherry Willingham was mentioned in the 'Doomsday Book' .
  • Mrs James who was the maid at The Manor House in 1924
  • The First  Marmion Family in Britain were Normans and came to England with William the Conquerer.
  • The Piper Family - Family life with the Piper Family 1920 - 1952
  • The Rudgard Family were found both in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire and were well respected especially William.

For more information on Cherry Willingham's famous people, please see the sections below.