Photo by Trevor Halstead


Welcome to the Lincolnshire Cyclist Touring Club Group (CTC)

The Cyclists’ Touring Club in Britain is organised into several areas of which the Lincolnshire is just one.

We are a friendly and sociable group, new riders and visitors are always welcome on our runs. Lincolnshire is a superb county for cycling with relatively little traffic and a variety of cycling terrain from Fen to Wolds.

There are over 600 members in the Lincolnshire group and 6 area groups. They are Lincoln, Louth/Grimsby, Gainsborough, Weston (Spalding), South Lincs (Peterborough) and Lincoln Easy Riders.
We exist to promote active cycling and our local groups organise regular rides and other events to cater for all abilities.

The group itself organises a number of events including the Lincoln Imp Randonee and Lincoln Cyclists Weekend which attract cyclists from all over the country.

If you just want a pleasant ride in good company or have an interest in campaigning for improved facilities for cyclists COME & JOIN US. You will be made most welcome.