Picture caption

Trophy winners, Rear Left to right

BSA Merit Cup Trevor Halstead CTC Lincolnshire Photography Trophy Tim Newbery. The West Lincolnshire Trophy Paul Reynolds.

Front Left to right, West Lincolnshire/ Gainsborough area members Mark Clark, Geof Garner, Daniel Nicholson with The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy.



REPORT 27th October 2013

A prestigious awards event was held at The Streat Café in Gainsborough, The Lincolnshire Area Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) awarded trophies at it’s Annual General Meeting.

The CTC promotes touring cycling in the county organising cycle rides into the countryside using quiet roads and Sustrans cycle routes. The rides are always at a steady speed to suit all the riders taking part and no one is left behind, beginners and new riders are welcome to take part they don’t have to be members. The club fights for cyclists rights looking after their welfare as road users.

Trevor Halstead President for the Cyclists Touring Club in Lincolnshire said "Cycle touring is exciting, interesting and sociable". Riders don’t have to be super fit, all they require is a safe road worthy cycle, all the riders are free the only cost is for refreshments at chosen cafes on route.

The group would like to thank you The Streat Café for your hospitality.

Trophy awards

BSA Merit Cup for work done running member group and it’s activities was awarded to West Lincolnshire/ Gainsborough area member Trevor Halstead (55), as a cycling enthusiast he promotes the activity of cycling whenever he can, in the role as press officer for CTC Lincolnshire Trevor has done several radio interviews and appeared on television. Being a keen photographer and writer many of his articles can be found on websites and in publications. The owner of Church Street Cycles helps organise Sunday leisure rides also commuting to work by cycle, in a year about 7,000 miles covered riding his cycles.

The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy was awarded to West Lincolnshire/ Gainsborough area for promoting cycling activities in their area, In National Bike Week a ride raised £1,030 for Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, events are held 52 weeks of the year in sunshine & rain.

The West Lincolnshire Trophy was awarded to West Lincolnshire/ Gainsborough area member Paul Reynolds (68). Cycling has been part of Paul’s life for over 50 years, now retired he can be seen out on one of his many machines most days of the week, he enjoys club riding on Sundays. Over the years he has rode many miles camping in Scotland, Wales and England, he has also enjoyed many CTC Rallies at York. Paul is The Chairman of Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club and a great ambassador in the world of cycling and finds time to encourage and help new riders into the recreation of riding a cycle.

CTC Lincolnshire Photography Trophy for a picture taken of riders on a CTC ride was won by Tim Newbery of Louth CTC Group.

For information about The CTC contact Trevor Halstead at Church Street Cycles 102-104 Church Street Gainsborough or telephone 01427 617752 or look for the on the internet they have varius websites, local groups hold events in Lincoln, Louth and Gainsborough.