Sky - A Tribute



Sky (1 September 1992 - 11 March 2002)

Sky (a White/Brindle female pictured above with Mandy and Mac) was born in Ireland on 1 Sept 1992 and came over to England in early 1994.

She began racing at Sheffield in June 1994 and ended up racing 106 times winning 11. With a racing name of Lone Dynamite and being one of the slowest starters at the track, the form guide regularly said 'Needs a stick of dynamite at the start to get her going!!' She ran her last race on 17 Nov 1996 and was brought home by Mandy and I on 26 Nov 1996.

After early mishaps (eating the soap, fishfood and anything else that
was left around) she soon became accustomed to family life. It turned out she was the most non-aggressive greyhound amongst a breed known for their laid back nature. She was cat friendly and her loving nature meant we were often asked about greyhounds. We got more and more involved with the RGT as a result and when a lady 2 doors down from Mandy's family home asked us to find a 'dog like Sky' we took her to the kennels and she went home with Jemma. That was in Sept 1998 and Jemma stayed in the same home until her death in Sept 2008.

Eventually in Dec 1998 we became a branch of the RGT.  Sky came along on all our home visits and when we attended Meet and Greets at Supermarkets, Summer Fairs, shows etc Sky was always there promoting her breed. In 2000 and 2001 she went along to Crufts and slept all day on the national RGT stand while being fussed by hundreds, if not thousands, of children and adults.

Sky was well known in the Lincolnshire area and it was her wonderful nature and gentleness that persuaded Mandy and I to try and help more 'dogs like Sky'.  To date (20th November 2017 LGT and it's predecessor Lincoln RGT has successfully rehomed 1,602 greyhounds which combined with her efforts on a national basis means she has been the saviour of many greyhounds and an absolutely superb ambassador for her breed.

Sky became ill early in March 2002 and was diagnosed with kidney failure. At 6.10pm on 11 March 2002 she was put to sleep.

She will be sadly missed.