Save money and help LGT

Telecom Plus, who trade as The Utility Warehouse, are a large and successful UK company.

LGT have recently signed up with them with our own account. Anyone signing up for any services through our website get LGT a £5 signing on bonus plus a commission on their future bills.

The company offer cheaper Gas, Electricity, Home Phone and Broadband than all the main providers of these services. In addition they produce all services on just one monthly bill. They also have no 'tie in' to any of the services except for the mobile phone service they provide.

They also have a UK call centre for any questions and answer 90% of calls within 15 seconds!!!

If you'd like to save money and help LGT then call 0800 131 3000 and quote LGT's charity number D86679 or look at the website which is personal to us. If you sign up through this then LGT will get the signing bonus.