How we began

Our involvement at Lincoln began when we brought home Sky. We had owned her when she raced and always said that we'd bring her home when she had to retire. The time came in Nov 1996. We had some sleepless nights and it was discussed as to whether we should take her back...but things soon got better.

In Sep' 1998 we were asked by a lady that knew us if we could find her a greyhound and so we went to our trainer and found a suitable dog.

We had various dealings with the national RGT until in Dec' 1998 they asked us if we'd set up a branch in Lincoln.

In Dec' 2000 we set up a committee which has proved tremendously hard working and has been responsible for continual improvements in our rehoming.

In 2004 and 2005 we found 90 homes in each. In 2006 we rehomed 115 and in every year since then we have rehomed over 100 greyhounds.

On 10 May 2004 we became an independent registered charity in our own right numbered 1103656 and while we still work closely with the national RGT it does give us greater control of our future destiny.

We are an entirely voluntary group with no paid employees so are able to spend all our finances on helping greyhounds.

LGT do not usually 'rescue' greyhounds as we deal with many of the very responsible racing owners and trainers who care for their dogs and trust us to find them a loving new pet home.  We do however help various rescue organisations and provide back up for greyhounds they rehome as well as our own.

From Dec' 1998 to 20 November 2017 we have found homes for 1,602 different greyhounds.