Monthly Meetings


8 April - The History of the Usher Gallery - Dawn Heywood

13 May - A Tale of Two Lancaster Bombers - Mike Chatterton

10 June - The History of Lincoln Castle - Nigel Burn

12 August - Water Supply to Country Houses - Chris Lester

9 September - The Eye of the Tiger - Pollyanna Pickering

14 October - The Beauty of Amber - Chrissie Chapman

11 November - Cakes: Her Royal Commissions

9 December - Costa Rica - Steve Lovell

At monthly meetings, Group Leaders inform members of the latest details or changes relevant to their group(s). Details of special Events and Trips are announced and lists are posted on the notice board for people to add their names to indicate their wish to be included. A SPEAKER then addresses the meeting on a topic of interest.

Any information from Neighbouring U3As (including combined events) is publicised, along with opportunities that arise from The Association of East Midlands U3As and the National U3A - Third Age Trust. The national publication "Third Age Matters" was available for members to take at the May monthly meeting.

The Louth U3A Magazine is published three times a year. Members may elect to have this sent to them by supplying stamped self addressed C5 envelopes to the Membership Secretary. Otherwise they will be distributed at monthly meetings. Please send material to Magazine Editor, Derek Harding by email and give or send hard copies to Alan Hayward. 

The Secretary prepares a folder of notices each month with the latest correspondence from The Association of East Midlands U3As and the National U3A - Third Age Trust. Each month this is on the table on the far side of the room so that members have access to all the information.

Helen Trevor and Eileen Byrneput together the programme of monthly meeting speakers. If you can recommend any speakers that you would like to hear at the Louth U3A, please get in touch with Helen or Sue.

Please could you be at the Methodist Church Hall, Nichol Hill, by 1.30 pm on the day of your chosen duty. Everything will be waiting for you in the kitchen when you arrive.

12 March 2014