Photo from the Memorial RAF 3/4mai 1944 at Mailly-le-Camp


The Mailly-le-Camp Commemoration Support Group aims to provide advice and assistance  to  veterans or relatives, and anyone wishing to travel to Mailly le Camp to join the French in the annual commemoration of the raid of the night of 3/4th May 1944. 
The Group has acted to involving younger generations in appreciating the sacrifices made by young people of an earlier generation, who restored Freedom and laid the foundations on which our free Europe of today is built.

May we help you?.

 We have been able to help a number of people searching for information on the raid and those involved. If you are seeking such information  please contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you and we will do our best to help you. Please go to the    Contact us    page where you will find  email and postal addresses.

 Please  use the contacts page for email or postal contacts. email contacts will be acknowledged within one week. It appears that an email or two might have not been received by us. If you do not receive a reply in one week please resend your message or contact by post

Notes from the MCSG Secretary.

 "The committee of the MCSG is extremely grateful to North Wolds Printers of Pocklington for their generous donation to our funds. Rest assured it will be spent in its entirety on the welfare of Bomber Command aircrew survivors and in memory of the tens of thousands of  their fellow crewmembers who have already made their final landings" 24th October 2014

The ties between the MCSG and the French l’Association Mailly were reinforced over the Easter 2013 Weekend Bank Holiday when thirteen members of l’Association Mailly visited former Bomber Command bases in Lincolnshire. MSCG members  welcomed them upon their arrival at the squadron museums and memorials at East Kirkby, Elsham Wolds and Wickenby. Since band concerts by the Scunthorpe Squadron of the Air Training Corps have been such a popular aspect of our visits to Mailly for the past four years, a concert was arranged for our French guests’ visit to Elsham.