These are some of the outings that we have had over the past two years. Others are planned for 2018 subject to interest and economically filling a coach. We coordinate and share visits with Cranwell Aviation Society. Scroll down to click on and view some supporting photographs of our visits.

Elvington Mosquito

Photo by Photo by Keith Deeley

Elvington Mosquito

The Society had a recent visit to the Elvington Aircraft Museum (and York for the Railway Museum and Shopping Centre for the Ladies)

It was a shared trip with Cranwell Aviation. A 50 seater coach was filled and some others were disappointed. A splendid day out.

Other visits have included :

RAF Waddington, - an opportunity to see inside the AWACs and the Museum

RAF Scampton, - a talk by a representative of the Red Arrows and ta visit to the Scampton MuseumMuseum

Mildenhall, a good walk-through and simulated demo of KC Tanker refuelling procedures

Lakenheath, - included a cockpit tour of the F-15 by pilot and Crew-Chief

RAF Coningsby, - view of many aircraft on ground and flight demos of Lancaster, Hawker Hunter, Eurofighter and many more.

Rolls Royce Derby Museum, - review of engines of WWII vintage and up to present By-pass range

Lincoln University School of Engineering, - review of university Engineering Curriculum and demonstrations of links and training techniques with Siemens Gas Turbine Division. Simulated Turbine starts and Grid loading techniques. Latest Laser techniques and 3D printing models reviewed.

Marshall's Of Cambridge - a talk given about the history of Marshalls, it's importance in aircraft repair during WWII followed by a walkthough to see all the hangar exhibits.

RAF Wyton Pathfinder Museum - a talk about the history of aerial photography and the wartime use of the spectroscope for determining height and profile of buildings to be bombed. Importance in the spotting of German V2 Rocket developments.

and Cosford Air Museum (most recent).

Imperial War Museum in Manchester. a look at the many aircraft exhibits and a talk on the industrial development of Lancashire cotton spinning machinery.

Sleaford & Cranwell Aviation Societies share visit to RAF Waddington -November 2016 an enjoyable day at the Waddington aircraft museum and a chance to visit the static Vulcan XH607 and pose for a group photograph..

Brooklands Aircraft Museum Some Society members shared a recent visit with Grantham Aviation Society to the Brooklands Aircraft Museum and enjoyed a ride on the Concorde simulator and a look round the London Bus Museum

Another splendid day out.

RAF Scampton Red Arrows Display and Briefing Society members enjoyed a recent visit to RAF Scampton and were treated to a practice display routine and a thorough briefing on the Hawk jet.