Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf visit to Sleaford 2010

In July 2010 our friends from Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf, including a group of pupils who twin with pupils at Kesteven High School, visited us in Sleaford.

We look forward to seeing our friends from Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf  again in October in their town

Auf Wiedersehen !

The weather was wonderful for the week-end and on Saturday our guests attended the lovely Heckington Country Show with their hosts. On the Sunday we held a Twinning education development meeting at the Hub in Sleaford to discuss ways in which we might further develop links between the young people of both towns. Everyone was full of enthusiasm and good ideas and there was much animated conversation in English and German at all the tables! (See photographs and notes of the meeting on the page below.) Then it was time to say 'Auf Wiedersehen' as our guests departed to East Midlands airport for the flight home.