Heritage Orchard

Heratige orchard

Heritage Orchard

One of the projects we have been working on over the past few months is our new Heritage Orchard, planted in the area between the Spinney entrance gate and the car park.

Last autumn we spent several weekends clearing and chipping the elder bushes, brambles, etc. A new wooden fence was erected around the orchard and a hedgerow of native species planted alongside it.

We then planted 16 traditional local varieties of fruit trees, selected from the Heritage Fruit Trees catalogue provided by the East of England Apples and Orchards Project.

There are lots of rabbits, deer and other wildlife at The Spinney, which like to have a nibble at the bark and leaves of young trees (and sometimes this can kill the trees) so we put a metal guard around each tree to protect it. Each tree has a label with its name and a brief description.               

These are the trees we have planted:

Apples: Lord Burghley; Herring’s Pippin; Barnack Beauty; Schoolmaster; Peasgood Nonsuch; Allington Pippin; Isaac Newton’s Tree; Brown’s Seedling

Pears: Laxton’s Early Market; Princess; Laxton’s Foremost

Plums/Gages: Ingall’s Grimoldby Green Gage; Lindsey Gage; Princess

Cherries: Early Rivers; Strawberry Heart

The ground between the trees has been seeded with a mixture of grasses, clovers, vetches and trefoils. We hope that the flowers will attract pollinators and beneficial predatory insects.