Sensory Garden archive

An archive of Sensory garden reports to show progress

First report (July 2009) archived 1 Dec 2010

We are planning to plant a ‘sensory garden’ in the raised area to the north of the car park. The hard landscaping (paths, seating and arbours) has already been installed. The layout is based on some designs by children at a primary school near Poitiers, France, who swapped designs with The Bythams School (The French school has built a garden in its grounds based on the Bythams’ pupils’ designs).

The garden will be completed in several phases. Apart from a semi-formal central bed, the planting will mainly be informal and slightly ‘wild’ in appearance, to suit its location in a semi-wild woodland. It will use a range of fragrant and colourful plants to provide points of interest throughout the year.

We will use species that we believe are not usually eaten by rabbits and deer, but which will, we hope, be attractive to other wildlife – as well as to humans! It may be necessary to use guards around some of the plants to protect them from damage by grazing animals while they get established.

Before planting, the planting area will be sprayed periodically with non-residual weedkiller to eradicate as many invasive perennial weed species as possible.