The Baston Barn

The Baston Barn

Traditional Music and Song in Baston


Due to illness, the concert on Thursday 27th September has had to be cancelled.

Hopefully we will see you all for the October Concert with The Andy May Trio

Barn Concerts

The first concert will be with Andy May on October 25th.

The list of all of the artists is shown in the Concerts pages. We have even got a few booked for the 19/20 season.

All Tickets are £10.

There will be out remarkably well known (at least amongst the artists who sometimes contribute) fun filled raffle. Please bring along some cash to buy a few tickets. Each raffle ticket costs £1 but you will get 6 raffle tickets for £5.

Don't forget to bring your own drinks, glasses and a bottle opener.

Music Nights - we have two sessions organised over the next three months - both at the The White Horse Pub in Baston

We have a special Wild 'n Woolly nights at the White Horse - 7:00pm on the 29th October - see The Music Sessions Page

The annual Oscar Preston Memorial Trophy for solo singers is on 26th November at 8:00 pm at the White Horse - see the Oscar Preston Memorial Trophy Page.
Last years competition was won by Bob Fisher with the song - 'The Ford Of The Ise'

Have you read Toby's reviews?

Whenever he can get to the Barn, Toby Wood (no relation to Alan or Maggie) takes photos of the artists at the Barn and writes a personal, often amusing account of the evening. Sometimes his review gets printed in various Folk Magazines but you can follow the link on the left.


If you have not got a place, make sure that Maggie or Alan have your name and telephone number. You may get contacted (even as late as the day of the concert) and offered a ticket.

We regularly eat into the waiting list during the days leading up to a session so let us know your contact details and as we get closer to the day of the concert, we may be able to offer you a seat or two.

Dance dates

Public dances are listed in the Dances With The Fruitcake Band pages. However, the Band does do a large number of Private dances which we do not list.

If you have an event to organise for your family, club or school why not give a Ceilidh a try. We often get even the most reluctant dancers up and in to the fun. Contact Maggie or Alan for details

Other Events

See The Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary for other events.

Melodeon Hire

Do you fancy joining in the music making?  The Club has purchased a Hohner 2 Row Melodeon (keys D/G) for short term hire for people to try out. We would really like to be able to give some one a start in playing for fun at one of our music and song sessions at the pub. Talk to Alan if you want to give it a try.
Go to the Melodeon Hire for details.

Other Items on This Site

This website contains details of the concert programme, music sessions in our favourite pubs, melodeon lessons, dances with The Fruitcake Ceilidh Band and other folk music events. However, this site can only advertise events associated with Alan and Maggie Wood or Baston. If you want to see details of other local events or have them advertised, please look at the Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary (  which also covers our area.

Contact Alan or Maggie Wood on 01778 560497, or 07845932616  for more information.

Artists And Agents

This is a popular concert club which attracts a good audience. However, before trying to contact us, please look at the Booking Policy Page - click the entry on the left selection column.