Dances with The Fruitcake Ceilidh Band

The Fruitcake Band

The Fruitcake Band

The Waggonload of Monkeys which was in existence for over thirty years has been superseded by the more recent Fruitcake Band. Both bands play music and provide full dance instructions for a Ceilidh.

Ceilidh is now a generic name for social traditional dance night. Some call it a Barn Dance or a Country Dance. Dances and tunes come from all over the UK and occasionally from other parts of Europe.

The Fruitcake Band provides programs which are tailored to the occasion and the skills of the dancers dancers, and with Maggie's clear instructions at the start of each set, you will all be able to join in the fun.

Most members of the band play more than one instrument so you will hear whistles, fiddles, melodeons, hammered dulcimer, small bagpipes, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, and percussion. Between sets, while you get your breath back, you will get more music and song.

The band regularly plays in school, church, town  and village halls, barns and pubs throughout Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Rutland. If you've got room to dance, the band will play.

If you would like to organize a laugh filled dance for your sports or social group, your town or village or a family event then contact Alan or Maggie.
These events are great fun for young and old. They provide a lot of exercise and even if you just sit on the side to watch, a great evening out. If the event is private, organised for a club or society it will not be advertised here.

When the event is an open or public event, the following list of dates also shows the contact point - please check on availably of tickets before you turn up, and where are tickets available come along to have fun and support the dance organisers.

Dance Dates

Dances with The Fruitcake Band with Maggie Wood calling :

17th March 2018 - St Andrews Hall, Whittlesey. 01733 359450

24th March 2018 - Elsea Park Community Centre, Bourne. Fund raising for Critical Care Ward, Peterborough City Hospital. Emily on 07837703015 or 01778 392652

21st April 2018 - Swayfield Village hall. Call 01476 550909

Watch this space for more dances and of course take a look at the Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary (link below) for other dances and events.