Our Google Calendar

To help keep our events in your mind, we have built a Google calendar which you can subscribe to. If you subscribe to this service, our events will be automatically merged in to your dairy - we don't want you to double book.

When you have linked our Calendar into your Google Calendar, don't forget to go set up any notifications such as sending you an email 3 days before the session or an SMS to your mobile phone.

If you have a diary system attached to your email, and if that diary can import 'Ical' updates, then follow your system's instructions to subscribe to the Baston Folk Diary.
Almost all PC based mail systems can support Ical but so can many mobile phone systems if they have internet connection - be aware that this may add to the costs of your mobile internet, check your phone/service contract.

The address you need is


This is best done by using the Copy/Paste technique.

If you accidentally click on this address you will be offered the chance of downloading our calendar but this will not be automatically updated - just cancel the offer and use the cut/paste to create the link.

If you would like to have Google remind you, then go to your calendar settings, select the Barn Diary and set the reminders (say 3 days ahead of event), you will get them in the mail.

If you do not like what you see you should be able to un-subscribe through the same screens in your email system.