St Andrews Church in Utterby dates from around 1340 and stands in what is recognised as Lincolnshire’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The residents of Utterby have worked hard for many years to maintain St Andrews Church and the Utterby Heritage scheme offers an opportunity not only to maintain it but to celebrate the intriguing historical facts of the village, village life and surrounding areas.  

The church is open all day and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time to explore the church and churchyard and to learn about the heritage of the village from the displays which are changed regularly. We have recently received a grant to enable us to install a listening post in the church.  Recordings, of tales of village life past and present are being made by local residents and listening to these will bring to life the pictorial displays.

Leaflets about the church are available at Tourist Board offices and other tourist centres.

Since the start of the Heritage project, over 100 volunteers have supported the project which has fostered a sense of identity and pride within the community.

Most people involved have realised that if nothing is done in St Andrew’s the church will be faced with possible closure.

The Heritage programme continues with volunteers working on research and only the huge amount of work by dedicated volunteers over the last few decades has kept the church open so far.

NADFAS Children's Church Trail - Launched 15th June 2013

In association with the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies a children’s church trail has been established in the church.  This is a marvellous way for children to learn about the church’s  history, architecture and furnishings with a questionnaire for them to complete and an answer sheet for the accompanying adult!

This can be done at any time, in your own time and why not finish with a picnic in our wild garden area?

More information about NADFAS Church trails is available on the NADFAS website.