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Washingborough is a small village, very narrow and five miles long, approximately three miles south east of Lincoln. With a population of 1500 people, it is surrounded on three sides by agricultural land, the forth side runs along the River Witham.

In recent times we had Time Team here for an archaeological dig, this was during the update of the flood defence works. It was discovered that in Roman times, Washingborough was a busy trading port. It was the furthest port inland on the Witham and also the start of the Car Dyke, which was dug by the Romans; it was an inland canal to transport, people, food and supplies as far as Peterborough. Thousands of finds were recovered, the most important being a wooden bowl, completely intact and perfectly preserved. Many of these finds are now in the Lincoln Collection Museum. Washingborough is also mentioned in the Doomsday Book.