25 mile & 56 mile Rides (13.01.13)

Riders meet at Roseway

Photo by Trevor Halstead

Both groups meet at Roseway for their chosen rides, Left to right, Daniel Nicholson, Joe Smith, Pete Hanks, Matt Hindmarsh, Liam Hindmarsh Dave Walker


REPORT 13th January 2013

Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club is running multiple option rides on selected Sunday’s through out the winter season. The idea is to allow for riders of different abilities to enjoy a club ride. The rides start from Roseway in Gainsborough Town Centre.

Workmen were checking and taking samples of the building at Gainsborough’s disused magistrates court as it is soon to be demolished and a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant/ drive through is to be built on the site.

Daniel Nicholson led a 25 mile ride, it was enjoyed by Pete Hanks, Dave Walker and Joe Smith (16).

Departing from Roseway the riders turned right onto North Street passing the Gainsborough Heritage Centre, crossing over the mini round-about then at the traffic lights a left turn was made onto Spring Gardens, following the cycle route past Central Station. Arriving at Pingle Hill path the riders cycled under the railway line subway, the artwork looked splendid.

The riders arrived at the well constructed off road up/ down hill cycle route. The route gives pedestrians and cyclists an easy route up and down hill into Gainsborough’s town centre. The views over the town and the Trent Valley were spectacular. After walking the short distance at the top of the hill the riders arrived at Enderby Crescent.

The riders mounted their cycles turning right and riding along Enderby Crescent then making a left turn following Ravendale Road after riding around the round about the riders arrived at the mini roundabout at Midlefield Lane. Making a right turn Midlefield Lane was followed to arrive at Foxby Lane.

Turning left the ride progressed along Foxby Lane, arriving at Heapham Road the riders turned right following Heapham Road to Upton Corner. Turning right Upton Long Lane was followed. Arriving at Padmoor Lane a left turning was made into Upton, arriving at the T junction a right turn was made as the ride progressed through the vilage passing the splendid Norman Church and The Rose & Crown pub. After riding through Kexby the riders arrived at the B1241.

Making a left turn the ride progressed along the B1241 heading to Willingham by Stow.

The riders passed St Helen’s Church, the tower has winged gargoyles and the church is mainly 14th century. Leaving Willingham the group made their way along Stow Road passing through the little hamlet of Normanby by Stow, the ride progressed heading to Stow. with it’s fantastic Minster and attractive thatched cottage.

The riders passed the splendid Saint Mary’s Church, Bishop Aelfnoth built the church in about 957 and it has some ancient Saxon, Norman and Mediaeval architecture. The church is so large it was a sort of cathedral, because part of the bishop’s house hold of priests lived in Stow. Bishop Aelfnoth built the church there. It’s austere beauty makes it unforgettable and is a land mark for miles around.

Following the B1241 and riding out of Stow the ride heads to Sturton by Stow, arriving in the village at the A1500. Turning right the ride headed out of the village following Tilbridge Lane (A1500). The road was constructed by the Romans to link Ermine Street with Doncaster it heads straight passing through Stow Park. After crossing over Stow Park railway crossing the ride heads to Marton.

Dropping down hill into Marton the view over the Trent Valley was splendid. The village of Marton was a Roman settlement and is only a short distance from the River Trent where the romans forded river at Littleborough once the roman station of Segelocum.

Turning right and heading out of Marton the ride followed the A156 passing through Gate Burton passing the park containing the splendid 18th century Gate Burton Hall built by William Hutton, it has had additions built on to it in the 19th & 20th centuries.

In Gate Burton Park there is a beautiful building Known locally as the Chateau, or sometimes the Gazebo this is strictly speaking a lodge attached to the estate of Gate Burton Hall.

The ride progresses heading through Knaith and Lea retuning into Gainsborough along Lea Road, arriving at the traffic lights at the A631 the riders headed across returning into town along Bridge Street.

Useful maps

Ordnance Survey Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme

Ordnance Survey Explorer 271 Newark on Trent

The Gainsborough area Cycling Map (Lincolnshire County Council)

Trevor Halstead led a 56 mile ride at a brisk average speed of 16 mph Matt Hindmarsh and his son Liam (13) took part.

Departing from Roseway the riders turned right onto North Street passing the Gainsborough Heritage Centre, crossing over the mini round-about then at the traffic lights the ride heaeded straight on following Beaumont Street, at Tesco traffic lights the riders progressed straight on along Trinity Street. Taking the 3rd exit off the round about with the artificial topiary shaped as a Marshall’s steam engine sitting proudly in the middle of Thordike Way the riders progressed along Bridge Road. Arriving at the traffic lights the riders crossed Gainsborough Bridge into Nottinghamshire.

The Trent Bridge which is a splendid stone structure that was completed in 1791 by William Weston. The Trent Bridge or to name it properly as Gainsborough Bridge is a very important land mark. Erected in 1791 it was then purchased in October 1927 for £130,000. When first built it was a toll bridge, it was declared free from tolls in March 1932 by P.J Pybus esq. CBE MP Minister of Transport. Gainsborough Bridge was widened by Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire County Council in 1964.

The riders followed the A631 crossing over Beckingham round about arriving at the next round about the riders took the 2nd exit off onto the A161 the ride progressed through Walkeringham and onto Misterton.

Arriving at Newell’s Corner mini round abouts the group turned right to West Stockwith, crossing over the Chesterfield Canal passing the marina full of magnificent boats. Shortly after crossing the River Idle a left turn was made onto Owston Road and Stockwith Road. Arriving at the T junction a left turning was made into Graiselound, making a right turn Graizelound Fields road was followed, turning left the A161 was followed for a short distance.

Turning right off the A161 the ride progressed through Haxey. The village in the Isle of Axholme is well-known for it’s tradition of The Haxey Hood, held on 6th January each year the villages of Haxey and West Woodside battle to get the hood back to their local pubs. The event dates back to the 14th century and stems from the legend of a local noblewoman who was out riding on a hill that separates Haxey and West Woodside, the wind blew away her riding hood and a group of farm workers came to her aid chasing the hood around the field.

The riders headed uphill towards the Church. In day’s gone by the little market town was capital of the Ilse of Axholme, going back thousands of years the low land of the Ilse of Axholme was flooded, the town is on high ground so was an important settlement.

Arriving at the Church a right turn onto a county lane was made. After a gentle climb to 40 metres above sea level the hamlet of Upperthorpe was reached, the highest settlement in the Isle of Axholme "the view was splendid".

After making a gentle descent the riders turned right passing West Woodside village pond, interesting with it’s fine collection of ducks. Leaving the village along Cove Road, arriving at Idlebank the riders made a right turn heading north. Turning left Thorne Bank and Field Lane was followed to Wroot.

The riders headed through Wroot passing St Pancra’s Church. Wroot is Lincolnshire’s farthest point west. It has links with the Wesleys. While Samuel Wesley was rector of Epworth he was also rector of Wroot. His son John Wesley the founder of the Methodist Church assisted his father Samuel for 2 years as curate of Wroot. Only a few remains of the 14th century church survive to day they now part of the modern brick church.

Departing the village and now in South Yorkshire the riders headed towards the B1396, turning right the main road was followed. Arriving at Blaxton crossroads a left turning was made as the riders made their way along the A614 to Finningley.. Following the main road to the next round a bout. Taking the 3rd exit High Common Lane was followed passing the end of Robin Hood Airport’s runways.

Arriving at the A638 a right turning was made as the riders cycled the short distance passing through a set of traffic lights. Making a left turn off the main road the ride progressed along Littleworth Lane. Turning left the B6463 was followed passing the church, at the round about the riders turned left following the B6463 (Stripe Road). Crossing over the A631, Blyth Road (B6463) was followed into Harworth.

Riding through Harworth the riders remember World famous Cyclist Tom Simpson, he was a member of Harworth and District Cycle Club Tom died 13th July 1967 on Mont Ventoux in France whilst competing with Great Britain Cycling Team taking part in the Tour De France cycle race.

Arriving at the round about the ride made a right turning, the riders followed the B6463 heading out of the village passing under the A1 (M) heading through Styrrup. Arriving in Oldcotes a left turning was made as the riders progressed along the A634.

The riders paused at The Northern Garden Centre Café for a refreshment stop.

Now in Nottinghamshire the ride resumed heading along the A634, after crossing over the ancient Blyth New Bridge the group arrived in Blyth.

Heading out of Blyth the A634 was followed as the riders passed under the A1. Following the A634 the riders arrived at Barnby Moor. Turning right the riders headed through the village following the A638 (The Old North Road) to Retford.

Arriving in Retford at the round about the 3rd exit was taken as the riders followed the A620, arriving at the 2nd set of traffic lights the riders continued along the A620. After a gentle climb a left turning was made onto Tiln Lane, as the riders headed out of Retford.

Following Tiln Lane and Smeath Lane (B1403) the riders crossed over the Chesterfield Canal.

The canal is locally known as the Cuckoo Dyke, it was opened in 1777 and is 46 miles long, running from the River Trent at West Stockwith to Chesterfield.

Arriving in Clarborough a left turning was made as the ride progressed through Hayton, departing the village over the Chesterfield Canal at Townend Bridge heading towards Clayworth.

The Chesterfield Canal was then crossed again at Clayworth Bridge as the riders headed through Clayworth turning right and following the B1403. After a long steady climb the riders arrived at the A631 near Gringley on the Hill.

Making a right turn the riders made a gentle climb then a descent following the A631 towards Beckingham. Talking the 3 rd exit at the round about the A631 was followed to the next round about. The riders headed straight across returning to Gainsborough along the A631

Making a right turn the riders made a gentle climb then a descent following the A631 towards Beckingham. Talking the 3 rd exit at the round about the A631 was followed to the next round about. The riders headed straight across returning to Gainsborough along the A631.To the left of the main road, the recently established RSPB reserve on Beckingham Marshes was well flooded and looked spectacular. Now back in Lincolnshire at, Gainsborough Bridge traffic lights the riders made a left turning returning into town along Bridge Street.

An interesting ride taking the riders through three counties Starting in Lincolnshire passing through Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire finishing back in Lincolnshire. The weather kept fine but was misty at times. Snow was forecast for later in the day but didn’t arrive until night fall.

Useful maps

Ordnance Survey Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme

Ordnance Survey Explorer 279 Doncaster

Ordnance Survey Explorer 271 Newark on Trent

Ordnance Survey Explorer 270 Sherwood Forest

Gainsborough and surrounding area cycling map Lincolnshire County Council

Cycling in Bassetlaw Map Nottinghamshire County Council

The Cycling Gainsborough area & Bassetlaw Cycling maps are splendid publications with lots of information where to ride your cycle. The maps are free! and can be obtained from Church Street Cycles in Gainsborough.

For information and cycling advice contact Trevor Halstead at Church Street Cycles 102-104

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Next week's events are  Sunday January 27th

Multiple option of rides starting from Roseway in Gainsborough at 9.20am. Rides to suit everyone.