46 mile ride to Lincoln (20.03.11)

Sustrans route 64 Riders

Photo by Trevor Halstead

The riders cycling along Sustrans Route 64 between Harby and Lincoln


REPORT 20th March 2011

9 riders took part at some time in the day, on the 46 mile Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club’s Leisure Ride to Lincoln. The riders were Trevor Halstead, Colin Smith, Geoff Garner, David Chaffey, Loll Dickenson, Pete Hanks, Michael Dawson, and Daniel Nicholson. Hedley Stennett cycled out to Kexby where he departed from the ride heading home to near Brigg.

Departing Roseway the riders turned right to head along North Street and Beaumont Street passing Marshall’s Yard. Turning left at Tesco’s traffic lights Sandsfield Lane cycle route was taken. follow the road to join Sandsfeild Lane cycle route passing Gainsborough’s Model Railway. The modal railway is in a disused School and is open on selected days throughout the year, it is one of the largest ‘O’ guage railways in the country, 1200 feet of track, it is depicts the East coast main line between London and Leeds. Their web site is www.gainsmodelrailway.ik.com

After passing the Trinity Arts Centre (a converted church) the cycle route passes under the railway line then over a cycle bridge crossing Thorndike Way to rejoin the cycle route on Sandsfeild Lane. After passing Benjamin Adlard School a turning right is made following Shakespeare Street. Arriving at Lea Road (A156) the riders followed the cycle route to Lea,

The ride turned left onto the B1241, a steady climb uphill passing St Helen’s Church. The Tower was built in 1500, the chancel is 13th century and the nave 14th century. In July 1643 Cromwell fought and won a battle with young Charles Cavendish, a god son of Charles 1. It was not one of Cromwell’s most famous victories, but if the battle had gone against him it would have changed the course of history.

Arriving in Lea along Gainsborough Road, the route turned left onto the B1241, the ride progressed out of Lea passing through Knaith Park, then along Kexby Lane to Willingham by Stow. Leaving Willingham the group made their way along Stow Road passing through the little hamlet of Normanby by Stow heading to Stow with it’s fantastic Minster and attractive thatched cottage. The riders passed the splendid Saint Mary’s Church, Bishop Aelfnoth built the church in about 957 and it has some ancient Saxon, Norman and Mediaeval architecture. The church is so large it was a sort of cathedral, because part of the bishop’s house hold of priests lived in Stow. Bishop Aelfnoth built the church in about 957. It’s austere beauty makes it unforgettable and is a land mark for miles around.

Making a right turn at the crossroads the ride departed from Stow heading along Stow Park Road. Arriving at Till Bridge Lane (A1500) turning left the Roman Road was followed to the edge of Sturton by Stow. Making a right turn off the main road the riders headed along Mill Lane, after passing the windmill (only the capped tower remains) a right turning was made onto West Syke Lane then following Gorwick Lane. Turning right Cowdale Lane was followed, after crossing the railway bridge the riders arrived at Sykes Lane, a Woodpecker could be heard in the distance. Making a left turn Sykes Lane was followed to Saxilby.

Arriving in Saxilby at the Village Hall the group turned right to make their way through the village.

Arriving at the A57 in Saxilby a right turn was made riding a short distance along the A57 and crossing over the Fossdyke Navigation and railway line. Turning left off the main road and heading through Broadholme, turning left the group crossed over the B1190 and processed to the edge of Harby.

Making a right turn the Sus Trans National Cycle Network Route 62 Harby to Lincoln cycle route was joined. Following the cycle route the ride headed through Skellingthorpe to the Pyewipe at this point Daniel Nicholson joined the group. Following the Fossdyke Navigation into Lincoln. Arriving in the City the riders headed across Lincoln passing Brayford Pool. After crossing over a toucan crossing at Wigford Way the riders crossed over Mint Street, turning right and riding a short distance to Mint Lane.

Dismounted the group walked along the one way street, arriving at Park Street the group followed the road to the right then turning left onto Hungate. Arriving at the cross roads cycles were mounted by some of the group to make the steep climb, turning left Daniel and Trevor emulated the Lincoln Grand Prix riders riding up the 1 in 6 tortuous cobbled climb of Michaelgate. Arriving at the summit the riders regrouped to walk down Steep Hill to Modern Classics, The Great British Café, at 14 The Strait (LN2 1JB) The café is a shrine to the 1960's and is packed with memorabilia from the era, it is well worth a visit somewhere really unusual and the menu is a good choice of traditional English food and the 60s music playing low in the background was pleasant.

Refreshed after their lunch stop the group departed the café walking down The Strait, arriving at the top end of High Street the group turned right and mounted their cycles heading along St Martin’s Lane, turning left down Hungate, crossing West Parade following the road to the right then left away from Park Street, along Mint Lane. Arriving at Mint Street the riders dismounted heading right walking along the one way street to arrive at Guildhall Street. Remounting their cycles the riders crossed the toucan crossing at Wigford Way.

Joining Sustrans Route 64 at the side of Brayford Pool the ride departed Lincoln, the ride headed out of the city following the Fossdyke Navigation to the Pyewipe free house.

The Fossdyke Navigation was excavated by the Romans linking the Roman town of Lindvm wth the Tiver Trent at Torksey.

Departing from the Pyewipe the riders made a left turn following Sustrans Route 64, half way up the rise the new Saxilby cycle path was joined, the cycle route follows the Fossdyke Navigation, (at this date the path is still under construction). The path is a good, constructed with crushed limestone. Butterflies could be seen on the wing enjoying the Spring Sunshine. Arriving at Burton Waters the riders departed from the path riding through Burton Waters to arrive at the A57.

Arriving at the round about at the A57 a turning left was made, the main road was followed to Odder. At this point the ride paused as Daniel and Trevor wanted to inspect the crossing provision for cyclists. As Lincolnshire CTC Right to Right Officers they consider the provision dangerous.

Departing from Odder the group followed the new cycle path along side the A57 heading towards Saxilby. (Note the cycle path ends at the edge of Saxilby village, cyclists are required to dismount and walk into the village).

Arriving at the B1241 the riders turned right cycling out of Saxilby. The ride progressed heading though the Medieval village of Ingleby then to Sturton by Stow, arriving at the A1500 a left then right turn was made as the ride progressed following the B1241 through Stow, Normanby by Stow, Willingham by Stow and Knaith Park to arrive in Lea.The riders turned right returning to Gainsborough along Lea Road

A pleasant day’s riding the sun burnt the cloud off and the sun shone for most of the day, the birds were singing , butterflies were on the wing feeding from flowers and the countryside was a blaze of colour, the trees and hedgerows were breaking bud.


Useful Maps for the rides are

Ordnance Survey Explorer 271 Newark on Trent

Ordnance Survey Explorer 272 Lincoln

Ordnance Survey Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme

Cycling in Bassetlaw Map (Nottinghamshire County Council)

Gainsborough and Surrounding Area Cycling Map (Lincolnshire County Council)


Sunday March 27th March the leisure rides section of Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club is running a Figure of 8 Leisure Ride with a 12 till 1 dinner stop at Café Latte in Lord Street Gainsborough riders should meet at Roseway Gainsborough 9.20 am or Café Latte Gainsborough 1.00pm. The rides are each about15 miles long the average speed will be about 8 mph and suitable for families and beginners.

Wednesday March 30th is the start of the Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club racing season the first event is a League 5 mile time trial, riders should meet near Marton church at 6.15pm first rider is off at 6.30pm.

New riders are welcome, for information please contact Trevor Halstead at Church Street Cycles 102-104 Church Street Gainsborough or telephone 01427 617752 or home 01427 677396.

You can E mail us at trevorhalstead@yahoo.co.uk

The club’s website is http://wwwcommunity.lincolnshire.gov.uk/westlincsctc