58 mile ride to Alkborough (07.08.11)

Alkborough Maze

Photo by Amazing riders Danie, Freddie, Loll and Dave working their way through the ancient turf maze (Julians Bower) at Alkborough

Alkborough Maze




Daniel Nicholson, Trevor Halstead, Loll Dickenson, David Chaffey and Freddie Barnes aged 14 enjoyed a 58 mile ride to Alkborough’s ancient Turf Maze.

The riders departed Roseway riding along Gladstone Street, turning left onto Parnell Street, right onto Cobden Street passing the magnificent Old Hall built by Sir Thomas Burgh around 1460, the riders progress to Ropery Road turning left then right to ride along the glorious riverside. Arriving at Sanders Yard the group dismount and walk to the Trent bridge. Walking across the Trent Bridge which is a splendid stone structure that was completed in 1791 by William Weston. The route now in Nottinghamshire followed the cycle path along-side the River Trent, arriving at Old Trent Road the riders head to Beckingham

Turning right the ride made it’s way though Beckingham, making a right turn to join the A161 the ride progressed through Walkeringham and onto Misterton. Keeping to the A161 the ride followed the main road passing through Misterton, and Graiselound, arriving in Haxey at the War Memorial a right turning was made off the main road.

Heading east the ride progressed through East Lound, arriving in Owston Ferry the riders passed The Parish Church of St Martin. The earliest reference to a church in Owston Ferry was in about 1150 AD, Lord of the manor Roger de Mowbray confirmed the grant of the church to the newly founded Newburgh Priory. None of the present church dates before 1280, so there must have been an earlier building on the site. The site is interesting as it is sited within the inner bailey of the Motte and bailey Castle. The Motte (or mound) can be still seen today north of the church. The castle was probably a simple wooden structure and was constructed after the Norman Conquest.

Heading into Owston Ferry passing a splendid triple archway. The archway was built in 1859 at the expense of the Vicar, Archdeacon WB Stonehouse and his sister-in-law Miss Frances Sanders.

Riding through Owston Ferry past the Old Smithy & Heritage Centre which is open to viewing 2pm- 5pm on Sundays May to September, for information telephone Don Clayphan on (01427) 728361.

After passing the village clock the riders headed out of the village following the River Trent.

The ride progressed passing through Kelfield, West Butterwick and Derrythorpe. Arriving at Althorpe a right turning was made heading through the village passing it’s 15th century church. Arriving at the A18 a right turn was made riding a short distance along the main road.

Crossing over the River Trent at Keadby Bridge The magnificent King George the Fifth Bridge was completed in 1916. Until 1958 the 190ft lifting span of the bridge was operated by 115hp petrol engines, it also had a concrete filled counterbalance that weighed 3,000 tons. It carries the A18 main road, a footpath and a railway.

After pausing to view the bridge and River Trent the ride resumed heading along the A18.

At this point the ride joined The National Byway heritage cycle route.

A left turn was made onto Neap House Road (B1216) as the ride progressed through Gunness to Neap House. Taking the 1st exit off the round-about heading through Flixborough Stather then making the steep climb up to Flixborough. On June 1st 1974 the largest peace time explosion occurred when gas escaped a the Nipro chemical factory.

Departing from Flixborough the riders turned left out of the village passing Burton Wood, reaching a height of 65 metres above sea level, the view of the River Trent was stunning. Arriving in Burton upon Stather a left turn was made onto the B1430, departing from the B1430 a left turn was made heading towards Walcot then onto Alkborough.

Arriving in Alkborough the riders paused for a lunch stop at The Paddocks Tea Rooms at College Farm on Back Street in Alkborough (DN15 9JN)

Refreshed afer their lunch stop the riders turned left away from the tea rooms following back street. The riders then paused to view the Medieval turf maze at Julian’s Bower. In the valley below, the Rivers Trent, Ouse and Humber all meet, the view is splendid, you can see the Pennines, the Peak District and views across Yorkshire.

Departing from Julian’s Bower the riders turned right following Back Lane, departing from Alkborough the riders headed along West Halton Lane, Arriving in West Halton along Alkborough Lane, turning right the ride progressed through the village passing the splendid village church.

The church of St Etheldreda in West Halton was built in 1695, after the destruction of the earlier church by fire in 1682. The earlier church may have been founded by St Etheldreda in the 7th century. The church is now constructed in gothic style.

Heading out of West Halton the riders arrived a right turning, making the right turn the ride progresses heading through Coleby. Arriving at the B1430 a right turning was made to Thealby, in the village a left turning was made off the main road heading towards Normanby Hall.

Arriving at the B1430 a left turning was made following Normanby Road, making a right turn the ride progressed along Lodge Lane into Flixborough.

Now on the National Byway the ride departed from Flixborough the riders descended the hill riding through Flixborough Stather to arrive at Neap Houses.

At the round about a right turn was made following the B1216 to Gunness. Arriving at the A18 a right turn was made riding a short distance along the main road. Turning left onto the B1450 the ride headed into Burringham.

The ride progressed heading out of Burringham and turned right following the River Trent southwards heading through East Butterwick and Barlings to arrive at Susworth.. Arriving in the hamlet the riders departed from the River Trent following Susworth Road. Arriving at Laughton Woods a right turn was made onto East Ferry Road.

Heading along East Ferry Road through the woods towards Laughton, a right turn was made onto Laughton Lane to return the riders back to Morton. Arriving at Walkerith Road a left turn took the group into Morton.

The group turned right, walking along Trentside to Front Street. Here a right turn was made onto the newly constructed cycle path along the River Trent Bank. Arriving at Bowling Green Road the riders made their way to Ropery Road, turning right the group arrived back in Gainsborough.

An interesting day’s ride the sun shone, the wind blew and it rained.

Useful maps

Ordnance Survey Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme

Ordnance Survey Explorer 281 Ancholme Valley

Ordnance Survey Explorer 291 Goole & Gilberdyke

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